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Information for Principals

Introduction to the Revised Model

In addition to the material on this website, all schools and organisations have already been sent information leaflets for principals, line managers and governors. Additional copies of this documentation may be downloaded from the links below.

 - Principal Line Manager Pack (Cohort 16).pdf

- Information for Governors.pdf

If the applicant secures a place on the PQH (NI) programme ,addtional information, including a Handbook, will be made available to principals and line managers.


Applicants are required to ensure their application has an input/verification from their principal/line manager.Guidance on completion of the Application Form can be found on the previous page.

You may already be aware that PQH (NI) has been revised. Part of the purpose of revising the qualification has been to position it closer to the end point in an aspiring principal's journey to headship. The expectation is that PQH (NI) graduates will be ready to take up headships so the applicant's next job will be a headship, and this will be within the next 18 months. Please bear this in mind when verifying the applicant's statements.

Your views are very important in helping to validate the information provided by the applicant in relation to his or her strengths and areas for development across the National Standards for Headteachers.

If the applicant is not currently working in a school context, please answer the questions as best you can based on contributions to the organisation in which he or she currently operates.

We strongly recommend that you share your input with the applicant, in an open and honest conversation about their strengths and development needs.

National Standards for Headteachers

These standards will facilitate your completion of the Supporting Statement.

- National Standards.pdf

Supporting Statement

This statement is no longer in use for Cohort 15. Principals/ line managers will be expected to add comments on the individual's application form. Guidance on completion of the Application Form can be found on the previous page.

Information Session

Principals whose staff have been accepted unto the programme are invited to attend an Information Session.

Graduation Board

Principals are required to provide a statement to verify the trainee headteacher's porfolio of work-based evidence for Graduation Board. An exemplar is shown below.

- GB Principal-line manager report

Additional Information

If you need any further information please contact any member of the team.

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