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The Selection Process

This consists of two stages:  a written application and an interview by one’s respective employing authority.

Stage I – Written Application

To apply for PQH (NI) you will need to submit an application which has been verified and supported by your principal/line manager.

  • If you work in a leadership position in school, the form should be completed by your principal.
  • If you are a principal or acting principal, your Chair of Governors might be the most appropriate person to complete the form.
  • If you or your principal has been recently (within 6 months) appointed to the school, please contact PQH (NI) for further guidance.
  • If you work in an organisation other than a school, please ask your line manager or employer to complete the form.

The joint application is submitted using an online process

Following assessment of your application form you will be notified that you are either:

  • Eligible, and can advance to stage two.  This involves an interview with your employing authority, or
  • Not yet eligible.  In this case you may re-apply at a later stage.

Stage II – Interview by Employing Authority

An interview will be conducted by educational professionals from the employing authorities (ELBs and CCMS) and/or other sectorial interested bodies within education (NICIE, CnaG and GBA).

Stage II will take the form of an interview which will last approximately 30 minutes. 

Following stage two you will be notified that you are either:

  • Successful and can proceed as a ‘trainee headteacher’ to the Development Stage, or
  • Unsuccessful.  In this case you retain your eligibility status from a successful Stage I application for twelve months.  This will allow you to process directly to stage two of the selection process for the following year.

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