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System Leadership Development

In response to requests from Principals in Special Schools and Nursery Schools, RTU has formed a strategy to meet the leadership needs of these distinct groups with DE and ETI supporting this collaborative process.  The key philosophy driving this engagement is to build and sustain a collaborative partnership in response to the specific needs and challenges articulated by sectoral groups.

These collaborative partnerships are facilitated by RTU to build leadership capacity and encourage the creation of a ‘Professional Voice’ that articulates the strengths and development issues pertinent to the needs of all schools (i.e. partner schools) within a sector.  Shared vision and agreed outcomes are critical to the dynamic development of each working partnership.  Key principles for collaboration are inclusion, empowering leadership at all levels and identification of strategies to manage change within the context of school improvement.

Collaboration Advantage will be achieved when something unusually creative is achieved….that no organisation could have produced on its own and when each organisation, through the collaboration, is able to achieve its objectives better than it could alone.”   (Huxham, 1993)