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Nursery Principals' Strategic Leadership Online Discussion Forum

"Working together to shape and direct the future of high quality pre-school education"

The Nursery Principals' Strategic Leadership Forum was established to develop 'One Voice' and raise the profile of Nursery Principals as leaders across the education sector. Nursery Schools work collegially at education system's level as a Principals' Forum, guided by a smaller Strategic Leadership Group (SLG).

Key priorities of the overall Nursery Schools' Strategic Leadership Forum are:

We are facilitated in this work by the Regional Training Unit (RTU) and supported by both the Department of Education (DE) and the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI).

Overall Aim: To commit to school improvement in the Nursery School sector through collaborative working and dynamic leadership

Nursery Principals' Strategic Leadership Forum members agree:


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  • To be represented by the Strategic Leadership Group (SLG) for Nursery Principals in Nursery Schools
  • To participate in the Annual Conference held in Autumn term
  • To contribute to identification of key areas for continued professional development of Nursery Principals
  • To network through this Nursery Principals'Strategic Leadership Online Discussion Forum / participate in cluster meetings to identify relevant expertise that best meet the increasingly complex learning needs of their pupils

Nursery Principals' Strategic Leadership Forum - Strategic Leadership Group (SLG) will:


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  • Represent the views of the Nursery Principals' Strategic Leadership Forum
  • Lead and organise the Annual Conference and associated events
  • Address the continuing professional development needs of Nursery Principals
  • Communicate with all Nursery Principals
  • Meet as a working group (approximately 4 times a year)
  • Liaise with the Nursery School Principals' Strategic Leadership Forum

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Overview of NPSLF

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