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Building Leadership Capacity

Leadership Standards

A number of countries have now set out clear standards of practice for headteachers. These include, Australia, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and many individual states within the USA.


The National Standards for Headteachers in England have been contextualised for
Northern Ireland in 2005 and accepted by the Department of Education as
the National Standards for Headteachers (Northern Ireland Edition)

For details of the required standards click on the titles below



There is some concern that standards can contribute to the 'intensification' of the principal's role and discourage practitioners. On the other hand they bring uniformity to a tangled web of concepts, they can provide a shared language about leadership and strengthen the processes of preparation and selection for headship. Above all they can promote the essential character of school leadership as the provision of leadership for learning.

In the UK Standards have been developed for leadership at other levels, particularly middle leadership. To access these standards click here

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