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Building Leadership Capacity

Global and international models

The issue of 'Building Leadership Capacity' is not unique to Northern Ireland. The problems of maximising the potential for leadership within single schools or for the education system as a whole are experienced internationally and globally. Although in NI we do not face recruitment crises into the profession as happens in many countires and leadership posts do not remain unfilled as they do in England, there is, however, a widely held belief that is much talent and potential for leadership remains latent.

See Improving School Leadership for Country Background Reports from 20 OECD countries, including Northern Ireland.

For Northern Ireland see
Northern Ireland - Executive Summary
Northern Ireland - Full Report

See 'Improving School Leadership' (Vol 1 - Policy and Practice) for a read only version of the full and final report (200 pp)

For a toolkit to assess priorities for policy change in NI see OECD ISL recommendations and agreed priorities as established by stakeholders in October 2008 at NI priorities for policy change

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