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Building Leadership Capacity

Distributed Leadership - thinkpieces and toolkits

The Incomplete Leader
This article from the Harvard Business Review shows how distributed leadership is based around 4 styles of working.

sensemaking - understanding the context in which the organisation and people operate
relating - building within and across organisations
visioning - creating a compelling picture of the future
developing new ways to achieve the vision

Distributed Leadership 2003
A review of the literature. It was intended to investigate the extent to which:

  • there was a common understanding of the term
  • writing in the field covered both formal and informal leadership
  • the literature provided practical advice to heads and other school leaders in developing distributed leadership within their organisations.

Meeting the Challenge - Growing tomorrow's school leaders
This very important source provides a 'thinkpiece' from John West-Burnham followed by a 'toolkit' by Frank Hartle on identifying and growing leaders.

Distributed Leadership
The full report by Price Waterhouse Cooper, 'Independent Study of School Leadership' has a section on leadership models (see Chapter 4). The distributed leadership model is fully explored and 'Leadership Capacity in the future' is dealt with in Chapter 5.

Inhibiting and Promoting Factors in Distributed Leadership

You might consider these factors in the present context of your school.

Inhibiting and promoting factors

(iv) A case for PQHNI as an example of distributed leadership is made in
The case for distributed leadership NI.

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