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Building Leadership Capacity

Leadership Teams

The terms and conditions of teachers in Northern Ireland do not formally recognise 'Leadership Teams'. They have evolved rather from the basis of the sharing of work between the Principal and Vice-Principal(s) to become wider bodies that include other senior staff with major responsibilities particularly in curricular, pastoral and financial aspects of the school's work. They may be labelled differently, e.g. as Senior Management Teams, and the scope of their work will vary from school to school. In general they assist the Principal and the Board of Governors in taking the lead in some important aspects of the school's provision and in ensuring effective management.

Deputy and Assistant Heads - building leadership potential

See - Team talk: on sharing leadership in primary schools.
It is argued that delegating or distributing leadership tasks does not, however, always bring about learning about leadership. The terms 'delegated' and 'distributed' suggest transfer and division. Shared leadership on the other hand suggests collaborative responsibility. How are some schools' management teams working to share leadership?

For a 'toolkit' through which to build leadership teams see the Seattle Project
note that the Section numbers in the lower section of the summary page are 'live'.

Leadership Toolkit
This American site provides 'toolkits' on Leadership Development, Professional Development and Leadership and Teams.

Leadership Team Toolkit (developing ICT)
The 'toolkit' aims to assist the Leadership Team within the school to develop a vision for ICT development that is unique to your school. It provides Leadership Teams with a wealth of ideas, practical help, examples of current practice, and links to a wide range of other resources to support schools in the embedding of ICT across the curriculum.

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