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The core purpose of the Middle Leader Development Programme is to enhance the leadership effectiveness of middle leaders and help improve pupil learning. The six modules are designed to deepen knowledge and understanding of the leadership role, increase the ability to lead innovation, enhance competence as team leaders and build team capacity.

Module 1 Induction
Module 2 Leading and Managing Change
Module 3 Learning and Teaching
Module 4 Leading Teams
Module 5 Skills Options
Module 6 Review

There will be a focus on developing skills of leadership including accountability, communication and inter-personal skills, decision-making, delegation, handling conflict, coaching, feedback, time management, understanding and handling data.

Participants will help establish own professional objectives and starting points for participation in programme.

Reflective journal

The keeping of a reflective journal will facilitate critical analysis, learning, monitor progress and record successful completion of planned actions.

Learning Development Activity

In pursuit of leadership objectives participants will plan and implement a leadership activity which will enable them to develop their leadership practice in school. Such a task may be linked to current school priorities and based on current role or be part of an initiative. It will involve leading learning, innovating and building team capacity.The impact on raising standards will be evaluated.


Working with the leadership coach the middle leader will identify a clear focus identifying professional development needs. Through a supportive, challenging relationship participants will be helped to develop leadership skills, lead their teams and manage change more effectively.

Learning set

The middle leader participants and the leadership coach comprise the learning set. This provides a supportive and challenging environment for participants as they engage in the process of developing leadership behaviour


An opportunity will be afforded to learn and share experience with colleagues both from within own school and from other school communities.


Middle leader participant

On joining programme, identifies own leadership focus through the use of diagnostic tools and/or PRSD

  • Takes a proactive role in course modules
  • Participates in coaching process
  • Collaborates with peers in learning set and with colleagues from other schools
  • Plans, implements and helps evaluate a leadership development activity, providing a written summary of work undertaken
  • Completes a reflective journal

Leadership coach

An experienced /senior teacher with highly developed inter-personal skills and a commitment to the professional development of colleagues and self who, in carrying out this vital role, will:

  • Participate in leadership coaching training
  • Support, monitor and challenge the work of the middle leaders
  • Work with the learning set
  • Participate in the Middle Leader Development Programme (Pilot)
  • Liaise with the Head Teacher

Head Teacher

The commitment of the Head Teacher and their belief in the process is crucial to the success of the programme of professional development for Middle Leaders. He/she will:

  • Work with SLT to provide context for Middle Leader support
  • Identify leadership coach(es)and facilitates role
  • Identify middle leaders and support their participation in programme by showing commitment and providing resources
  • Celebrate achievements of middle leaders


RTU will provide facilitators who will work with leadership coaches and middle leaders to support this pilot programme of Continuing Professional Development. It is envisaged that the programme will become progressively self-generating in order to equip all Middle Leaders with the knowledge, skills and competences necessary to carry out their leadership roles more effectively for the benefit of their pupils.

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