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Extended Schools

Monitoring Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation are integral to any school planning process.

Revised Cluster Monitoring Form Revised Cluster Monitoring Form

ETI will report during school inspections on how extended schools are contributing to improved outcomes for children and young people. Schools will be required to provide evidence to demonstrate how well they are working in partnership with pupils, parents, partner schools and the community.

What is Monitoring

This involves keeping accurate records, regularly reviewing and checking to ensure you are achieving what you set out to do, and to assess your progress. You may wish to monitor:

  • Your inputs - What you have invested in the programme /task
  • Your Outputs - The products created
  • The Process - The steps you have taken

What is Evaluation?

Evaluation is more concerned with the outcomes of the programme/task and what difference it made. It compares what you aimed to do with what you actually achieved. It combines the monitoring information with the more detailed outcomes of the programme. e.g .It will help you to;

  • Assess and improve your performance
  • Justify your time, energy and money spent
  • Learn from and share you experiences

ETI –Education and training Inspectorate (Providing inspection services for DE, DEL, DCAL)

Monitoring Arrangements

(As in the DE Financial Management arrangements for extended schools)

'Each Board will have responsibility for the approval of action plans prepared by schools (or clusters of schools) in its area. Once a plan is approved the school may proceed with implementation. Board officers are expected to pay monitoring visits to schools in the course of the year to ensure that the planned activities are taking place'.

These Monitoring Visits will include:-

  1. A meeting with the principal and /or the person with responsibility for the co ordinated delivery of the action plan within the school. This will provide an opportunity for an exchange of views and comments on the action plan and its delivery.
  2. Inspection of paperwork associated with the action plan and its delivery, including evidence of consultations and community audits performed to identify need;
  3. The completion of a report summarising findings and any further follow-up action required.

(See copy of the Monitoring report form – Appendix.)

  • The Education and Training Inspectorate will also be conducting evaluations.



At the end of the academic year each school (or cluster of schools if so organised) will prepare a short report, in a format to be determined by the Dept in conjunction with partner bodies, setting out details of the various activities being undertaken together with an assessment of the impact which these have had on pupils within the school(s) and the wider community. The first report should be submitted to the relevant board in June 2007.

Education and library Boards:

By September 2007 each Education and Library Board will publish an annual report detailing;

  1. The various schools and clusters of schools which were funded
  2. A summary of activities, shown within the key thematic areas
  3. A financial report showing income and expenditure by each school or cluster
  4. The Boards assessment of the impact which the activity has had and any priorities for the future


  • Participating in Extended schools is voluntary and, therefore, any school which has accepted funding but no longer wishes to participate, may exit from the arrangement. Where this happens any unexpended resources will revert to the Department.

A Board or the DE may withdraw or suspend a school from participation in the scheme where there is evidence of

  • misuse or inappropriate use of funds
  • action plans not being delivered
  • the schools financial and/or academic performance is such that priority needs to be given to addressing shortcomings in those areas

The following document is designed to assist you in completing the short, evaluative assessment which must be returned to your extended schools co-ordinator no later then Friday 22 June 2007

User Panel - Dungannon Teachers Centre on Thursday 27th September 2007
Letter issued to principals inviting them to participate in Extended Schools discussions and correspondence with School Principals and ELB co-ordinators.

Annual Report 2006/2007

BELB Extended Schools - End of year Report 06-07 -1 BELB Extended Schools - End of year Report 06-07
NEELB NEELB Annual Report
SELB Annual Report 06/07 SELB Annual Report 28 Sept
WELB ExtSch Annual Report 06 07 (2) WELB ExtSch Annual Report 06 07
SEELB annual report.doc SEELB annual report
WELB annual report WELB annual report

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