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University Of The First Age (Ufa)

The UFA is a national education charity that works together with young people to provide enriching and challenging learning activities. They work in partnership to develop the capacity of others to enable and encourage the potential of young people.

They argue that there will constantly be a need for new thinking about ideas of what, where and how learning takes place. The UFA believes in the need to create a broader moral and civic responsibility.

Their learning activities are designed to give people a reason to meaningfully engage with each other and deepen their understanding. Young people are the key to creating a better future for all. They are at the heart of UFA activities both as leaders and role models.

Why Are They Called A University?

They use the word University as an aspirational term, to encourage young people to feel that they can succeed through learning and choose to push themselves.  Young people are often in a period of their lives where they are uncertain about themselves and their future. The ‘university’ helps to signpost possible directions for them and support their decision making.

They work with young people aged between 5 – 25 and with adults who support and promote their achievements; developing challenging models of learning not only with schools and teachers but also with parents, community tutors, learning mentors, artists, and professionals from all walks of life.

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