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Training Materials

These materials have been designed primarily to support the schools who wish to review their position within PRSD or they can be used with new members of teachong staff coming under thePRSD cycle for the first time. . They do not seek to cover every aspect of this process or to enable everyone touched by it to develop all the skills and insights that they may need.

Further online professional development materials have been prepared to complement this collection and to focus on specific topics such as what being an effective reviewer requires, how an initial review meeting can best be conducted and the like.

To access the full range of materials listed click here.

These training materials were originally provided to assist schools with the implimenetation of PRSD. They will still be of benefit in reassessing your position after PRSD'S initial implementation.

The Inset materials document is well worth reading particularly by school leaders as it outlines the benefits of successfully implementing this scheme.

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