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The Review Meeting

Here we have a videoclip of the Principal and member of staff meeting to review her performance in relation to the objectives set.

Look carefully at the video with regard to the relationship between the reviewer and reviewee.
Compare this relationship with those in your school in this regard. Are there any lessons that might prove useful as your school develops the PRSD scheme?

In what ways does the principal use this meeting to enhance the aims of the PRSD ( page 3 of scheme in PRSD Handbook) scheme and inspire the member of staff for future development?

With regard to the second objective how has PRSD helped with regard to School Improvement?

In what ways has the third objective set benefitted the teacher and other members of staff witnin the department?

Finally compare this review meeting with your own experience of PRSD to date.
What are the similarities and differences?
Are there any ideas that you could use in your own school setting?

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