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Where are you on the PRSD Spectrum

Here is a video clip of a school Principal relating his experiences of PRSD after its Initial Induction

Before you watch the video!

Make some notes of where you and your school are at to date with PRSD
You may wish to consider:
The impact it has had on you and/or your staff
The positives and negatives of the scheme in relation to you/your staff.
What now is the next stage for you and/or your staff
What you and /or you staff need to do to reach this next stage.

As you watch the video!

Compare this Principal's position with your own
Identify the strengths/areas for development for this principal

After you watch the video!

Has your attitude to PRSD changed in any way? If so in what ways?
What areas do you feel you/your school need to prioritise with regard to Further development
Look at the Perspectives on PRSD and arrange these in a hierarchical order as you would see fit.
Where do you/your school lie in relation to this order?

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